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Dr. Sachet Popli, M.D.S., Prosthodontist and Specialized Implant Dentist and a trained Orthodontist. He has a clinical experience of 21 years. Through these years he has worked in both government and private sectors. He has authored many clinical and research articles in reputed Dental journals and is also a contributor to a Book of Dental Materials.He has successfully rehabilitated the complete or partially edentulous patient with implant retained Fixed as well as removable Teeth/prosthesis.He also had a privilege to work as Product Manager and Country Manager in a Japanese company and German company respectively.Dr Sachet Popli is the proud owner of Dr Popli’s Dental Clinic And Implant Centre, Yojana Vihar. As a dedicated professional, he places great emphasis on providing prompt and efficient care to all our patients, ensuring that no one experiences unnecessary delays. Dr Popli is committed to delivering top-notch quality work and personally oversees every aspect of treatment. He takes special care to ensure the highest standards of quality by conducting thorough checks on the materials procured for procedures and meticulously reviewing all laboratory work that is outsourced. Dr Popli's hands-on approach guarantees that each patient receives the best possible care. He personally ensures that all treatments are executed with precision and adheres to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. By meticulously monitoring the entire process, from the initial examination to the final result, Dr Popli ensures that every patient receives outstanding dental care and enjoys a positive treatment experience.


Dr Deepti Sharma: Consultant Pedodontist

Dr Pallavi Mahajan: Consultant Endodontist

Dr Mansi: Consultant Periodontist

Dr Nitin Sharma: Oral Surgeon